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Resources for Pastors
and Christian Leaders

1.   IRS Guidelines and quick facts for non-profit organizations

2.  Biblical Worldview Core Values


  • Should Church and State be Separate? (12 minute video)

  • Is Socialism the Answer? (6 minutes video)

  • Did we Really Evolve from Apes?

  • Do All Roads Lead to Heaven?

  • Why do Bad Things Happen?

  • Is Jesus Coming Back Soon? (Introduction)


  • Would God Really Send Someone to Hell?  (Booklet) 

  • You Can Visit but You Can’t Live There: Keys to Living Free from Fear

    • About building Resiliency

    • How to combat fear

    • How to tackle guilt

    • How to limit anxiety

  • Through the Lens of Love & Truth: A Look at Christian Conservatism

    • Defending Creation

    • Debunking the idea that all religions lead to Heaven

    • Telling the Truth about Love

    • Current Events relative to Biblical Prophecy (Part 1)

    • Explaining why—if God is good—do bad things happen

  • The Pursuit of Liberty: Protecting our God-given Rights

    • The frailty of freedom

    • Protecting the traditional family

    • The abortion debate

    • The rise of transgenderism          

    • The threat of socialism

    • The truth about capitalism

    • Exposing the social justice movement

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