The No. 1 Reason Why it's Time to Overturn Roe

Updated: Jun 20

Tensions are rising in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health case scheduled to be released in June or July. This case inadvertently served to reopen the “Roe vs. Wade” can of worms from nearly 50 years ago. If the documents illegally leaked by a clerk at the Supreme Court back in May are accurate, SCOTUS is planning to overturn the Roe decision.

As we discussed several weeks ago, overturning Roe would not automatically ban abortion across the United States. A decision to reverse the 1973 case would return authority to the states to make their own rulings—which is their constitutional right.

Nonetheless, violence and threats of violence continue to escalate:

  • A pro-abortion group called Jane’s Revenge issued a ‘Night of Rage’ threat if Roe would be overturned.

  • Another group, ShutDownDC, planned to blockade streets around the Supreme Court on June 13, the date the ruling was rumored to be issued.

  • Ruth Sent Us activists threatened to target Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barret’s children, and Nicholas Roske was arrested for attacking SCOTUS justice, Brett Kavanaugh.

  • Pregnancy cares centers around the country have been vandalized, including the Capital Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center in D.C. and one locally in the East Liberty region of Pittsburgh, PA.

Our Constitution is an amazing thing. It offers more protections than any other government in the world, including the right to [peacefully] protest unpopular decisions. But, as the champion for human rights around the world, America also has an obligation to protect the most vulnerable populations—and this includes pre-born children.

Last time, we discussed four of the top five reasons why it’s time for a post-Roe America. Before we reveal the number one reason Roe should be overturned, let’s recap from the previous post. These reasons include:

5. Legally speaking, Roe is Bad Law

4. The abortion laws in the United States are extreme

3. The debate is no longer about whether a fetus is a baby

2. Abortion is not—and was never intended to be—healthcare