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Sex, Deception, and Censorship

Have you ever played the game “Two Truths and a Lie”? This game is often used as an icebreaker with a group of individuals who don’t know each other personally, such as a work team. Each person takes a turn making three statements about themselves; two are truthful and one is a lie. The object is to try to trick the other players into believing the lie and disregarding the truth.

Tragically, we reside in a society where simple truths are portrayed as more extreme than the most radical, demonically inspired notions. Below is my own version of the game: Two Lies and a Truth.

Lie #1: We just need to love everyone.

A common narrative among Christians in America is that we need to love everyone without judgment or prejudice. I know what you’re thinking: How could this be wrong? After all, Jesus told us that our love for each will confirm that we are his disciples (John 13:35).

But here’s the problem: the words “love,” “hate,” and even “violence” have been hijacked in our culture. Many of us, particularly within the context of the American church, are still working off the old definition that to love each other means that we affirm every individual’s humanity and right to make their own choices. Or in other words, to live and let live.

Unfortunately, that’s not the common understanding anymore. When Hollywood actors or LGBTIA+ activists tell us we should “just love everyone,” they mean that we must affirm and promote their worldview… or else.

If we object to their radical ideology, we will be cancelled. Our comments on social media will be censored, and our livelihoods could be threatened. If our truth doesn’t align with their radical agenda, we are considered “racist” and accused of calling for violence.

Consider the cautionary tale of J.K. Rowling, author of the beloved Harry Potter series. She was “cancelled” after being accused of fueling the idea that transwomen are predators. In November 2021, Rowling was “Doxxed”—meaning her private information, including home address, was shared online—by a transgender activist to harass and intimidate her. See article here.

Those who wished to malign her considered Rowling’s statement about transwomen predators to be hate speech, even though there is plenty of evidence to corroborate this. According to

“Activists promote the belief that transgender people i.e. those who falsify their sex, are victims of frequent violence and are an oppressed, persecuted social group. However, statistics give a very different picture. Transgender people are no more likely to be murdered or attacked than the rest of the population. In fact, they are far more likely to carry out violent crimes, including murder. Some of the worst serial killers in criminal history have been transgenders.”

This website details over 50 case studies to substantiate this assertion. An additional study out of the United Kingdom on violent crimes committed by transwomen can be accessed here.

Yes, we must always show grace, compassion, and kindness especially towards those who have been exploited. But we also need to speak boldly against corruption, exploitation, and abuse.

Remember this: Love and truth are explicitly connected in Scripture. Truth without love is cruelty but love without truth is perversion. Please see Chapter 2 in my book, Through the Lens of Love & Truth, for more information on this subject.

Lie #2: You do you.

Many within our culture have adopted a laissez-faire attitude towards moral issues. Since, theoretically, there are no right or wrong choices, we should just allow everyone to do their own thing. Again, this sounds legitimate but leads to many unfortunate consequences.

The popular expression “you do you” is deceptive because it was never about accepting others without judgement, it was always about persecuting those who hold to a traditional worldview.

In August of 2021, The New York post reported:

“Disney+ announced that they’d be putting a filter on old classics such as “Dumbo” and “The Aristocats” over racist imagery… And Millennial parents are done with Dr. Seuss books after realizing the harmful stereotypes depicted in his books.” Read the article here.

Wait… what harmful stereotypes? What racist imagery? I didn’t realize that a flying white elephant, red and blue fish, and green eggs were racist. Or that pointing how Chinese children eat with chopsticks is anti-Asian bigotry. How righteous of Disney to point out the moral flaws of thousands of years of civilization.

Although tropical fish and flying mammals were victims of cancel culture, they aren’t the main target; traditional marriage is. While we were distracted by having to defend the best series of children’s books written by the greatest generation ever, law makers in Washington D.C. were drafting H.R. bill 8404.

This bill, deceivingly called the Respect for Marriage Act, holds the sole purpose of redefining marriage. The traditional understanding of marriage as between a man and a woman will be replaced with provisions that recognize any marriage valid under any state law. You can read the full bill on the Congress.Gov website here.

This bill passed in the House of Representatives in July of 2022 and will probably be pushed through the Senate during the lame duck session that just started now that the mid-term elections are over.

Please, please, please… Understand that this legislation will, if passed, obliterate the traditional family. Remember family-friendly movies, family-friendly resorts, family-friendly bathrooms? They will no exist because recognizing the traditional family unit WILL BE ILLEGAL.

In case you may think I’m unnecessarily crying wolf, read this portion of a letter written by the Liberty Counsel:

“As [this bill] is written, if just one state allowed incestuous marriage (e.g., between a father and daughter or mother and son), this bill would force all 49 states to recognize and respect that “marriage.”

Their full letter is included at the end of this post with a link provided for you to sign the petition. Please sign and forward this post to any friends and family who also oppose this insanity!

The bottom line is that our postmodern culture has zero tolerance of Christianity and traditional moral values. Do you see the irony? “You do you” doesn’t apply to us.

Truth: Not all lifestyle choices are equal.

No, not all options are the same. We must protect our marriages, our children, and our families.

We tend to forget that Jesus’ speech was so controversial and his actions so threatening that the religious establishment hunted him down killed him like an animal. In similar fashion, many of his followers were captured and executed as political prisoners. His own cousin, John the Baptist, was violently beheaded because he called out Herod, the leader of the not-so-free world, for exploiting women.

Telling the truth IS an act of love.

So, can we just stop the charade? I don’t know about you, but I’m done affirming the delusions of our corrupt, godless culture. It’s time to stand for the Biblical Worldview without apology.

Let’s love each other enough to tell the truth.

“Truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose—it will defend itself.”

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