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What in the

world is going on?

Through the Lens of Love & Truth provides a Biblical viewpoint, the historical perspective, and future implications for cultural issues facing Americans today

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Through the Lens of Love & Truth was designed to facilitate the tough discussions we should be having as believers in Jesus... but aren't. Explore the biblical and historical truth about these topics and more:

  • the abortion debate

  • transgenderism

  • attacks on the traditional family

  • threats to our religious liberty

Chapter 14, "What in the World," explores how current events in the Middle East directly correlate with Biblical prophecies from thousands of years ago.

Also included are answers to hard questions such as...

  • Do all roads lead to heaven?

  • Why does God allow bad things to happen?

  • Did we really evolve from apes?

  • assault on capitalism in America

  • rise of the Social Justice movement

  • and more

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