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Fusion Publishing Group

Services for the Self-Publisher

Not quite ready to publish just yet? Please check out "The Writes of Life" services for help developing your story.

Why Choose Fusion Publishing Group?

Fusion Publishing Group is unique.


We're not a traditional publisher who hires the author to write the book and then pays the costs associated with publishing. In exchange, the company retains the rights to the book and 90% or more of the proceeds from book sales.


We're also not a publishing services company. Many of these companies offer high-levels of support, but - in addition to being costly upfront for authors - the company also takes a share of the book's profit once it's published. Yes, you retain the rights to your book and they promote your work, but the publishing company retains your finalized documents. They receive payment for the sales of your book and pay you a percentage.

Fusion Publishing Group, on the other hand, is a publishing hub (yes, we just invented that term). We provide an array of al-a-cart service options for the self-publisher. We can assist you with developing the concept of your book from a blank sheet of paper to marketing the finished product... and everything in between. With self-publishing,  you pay up the costs up front to publish your book, but you retain the rights and the final documents. As a result, you keep ALL the profit from your book sales.


Because we manage the entire process for you, another advantage of Fusion Publishing Group is that we can expedite the timeline. In contrast to traditional publishing houses which can take several years to publish your book, we can typically publish a completed manuscript in as little as three months. If you use our "Writes of Life" Writing Mentorship services, we can help a motivated author go from a blank sheet of paper to a beautifully printed book in-hand in as little as six months. 

The cost to publish a book with us varies depending on services needed.

Complete the "Tell us about your manuscript" form below to receive a free quote.

Services We Offer:


  • Writing mentorship - allow us to help you develop a structured outline for writing your book! This service is perfect for individuals who have never written a book before. If you desire further support, we can establish a plan for follow-up to provide accountability. Please check out our "Writes of Life" writing mentorship program by clicking HERE.


  • Editing - depending on your needs, we can offer developmental editing (writing help), line-by-line editing to improve grammar and punctuation, and/or proofreading.

  • Layout of interior pages and front/back cover design

  • E-book formatting - your book can be formatted so that you can upload it for sale on Amazon.

  • Copyright registration - you will be assigned an ISBN number, and your title will be registered in the national database


  • We can provide you with a quote for printing paperback or hardback books. Since you own the rights to your book, you can select to use our printer or find another option.

  • If you choose to sell your books on Amazon or other online platforms, we can coach you on how to set up your vendor account and upload your documents.


  • We are pleased to announce that we now offer marketing packages to assist you in promoting your book. Please visit our Marketing page by clicking HERE.

Receive a free quote to publish your book with us

Complete the form below to receive a free quote. In order to make an accurate assessment, we'll need
to see your manuscript . We can only honor quotes when the manuscript is at least 80% completed at submission and final word count is correct. Instructions are below on where to email the document.

Tell us about your manuscript
Complete the form below to receive a free quote on our publishing services.
Quotes are valid for 30 days from date submitted.
Word count is..
What service interest you? Select all that apply.
My manuscript is...
How would you rate your writing ability?
How technical is in the information in this manuscript?
What is your primary objective(s) for publishing this book? Select no more than two response.

Email your manuscript to Please allow up to 10 business days for a response. 

Thanks for submitting!

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Anthony

Working with Amy for my book was an extreme pleasure. Amy is a strong woman of God, easy going, and very accommodating. She is also very quick to respond to questions and provide fast turn around for completing projects or resolving matters. I highly recommend Fusion Publishing Group for self publishing consultation and aid, as well as book printing. The books I printed from Fusion were of the highest quality inside and out.

Bags to Riches cover - Colorado 2.png

Suzanne Austin

I have been in the entertainment business most of my often-crazy life. I spent five years writing my life's story down and it was a jumbled mess. The story jumped back and forth between past and present, and the punctuation and grammar weren’t correct. I prayed for help and tried three different editors and talked with two different publishers, but no one could help me.  When I met Amy through our daughters, I knew God had given me an answer to my prayers. I gave the "pile" to Amy, and in 2 months, she turned it into a masterpiece!

Even though we were from two completely different worlds, she "gets me" and made all the broken parts flow while preserving MY voice. On top of that, through the process she has become my closest friend. I am so grateful!!!


Rich Kenzie

I've always considered writing to be my strong point from a young age. I was able to draft a full manuscript for my book before hiring Amy. I knew I had a good base but needed Amy's expertise and guidance.


I was thrilled with the results. Amy helped bring clarity and depth to my initial work and her advice on what to leave out and more importantly what to add (things I didn't necessarily see as needed) was invaluable. Her ability to come up with a good title for both the book and chapters was most helpful. Amy guided me through the setup of my book to sell online as well.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Amy and her services with respect to publishing.


R. Martin

Working with Amy made the job of putting my Dad's memoir and some of his meditations into a book seem possible. I remember feeling relieved and excited after our first conversation, that this could actually happen. I was very happy with the finished project “Reflections of a Faithful Father.”  Sharing it with extended family and friends at Christmas time was a sweet surprise.  Here are a couple comments that I received: “my favorite gift this Christmas” and, “I will treasure this”.


Thank you, Amy, for all your ideas and guidance to make this book complete.

book covers - picture 2.jpg

Tammy Summers

Friends had been asking me for years when I was going to write my daughter’s story, but I found myself putting it off because I didn’t know where to begin. Amy did an excellent job coaching me, providing deadlines and keeping me accountable for each phase of my writing. I thought this process would take at least a year, but I completed my book within three months. I’m so thankful for Amy’s creative vision in formulating the outline and title of my book. I wanted the reader to visualize our story as if they were there with us. With Amy’s help, I was able to paint a beautiful picture of hope after heartbreak.


The feedback and reviews have been tremendously positive. Most people report that they were captivated from beginning to end and were unable to put the book down until it was finished. Thank you, Amy, for your insight and direction to make this project possible. I’m forever grateful!

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